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We are changing the name of our company from “Olde Homestead Fudge Co.” to “BIGHORN FUDGE CO.” Ownership and management will remain the same and we will be making and shipping the same creamy, smooth, delicious fudge you have become accustomed to receiving.

Over 95,000 Pounds of Fudge Sold!

Bighorn GuaranteeWhen you order fudge from BIGHORN FUDGE CO.,
you are assured of buying the very best fudge
money can buy..

peanut butter chocolate fudge
mint chocolate swirl fudge
cappuccino fudge
At BIGHORN FUDGE CO. we take great pride in the quality of our product. Careful attention is given to every detail of the fudge making process. Our fudge is made in small batches and allowed to cool slowly to assure a smooth, creamy, texture. We use only the finest ingredients, including real cream and butter, and our nuts are purchased in small quantities to assure freshness. Our stainless steel kitchen is kept meticulously clean and is in full view of our walk-in customers.

It’s like getting an extra half pound of fudge free!

When you buy a pound of fudge at our store in Borrego Springs, CA, we give you an extra 1/2 pound free. Now this same special pricing is available to our customers online. When you order a minimum of three 1/2 pound pieces of fudge, shipped to one address, you will receive a 33% discount, equal to getting one of the pieces free.
All orders are shipped via Priority Mail. Delivery time is generally one to three days, depending on the distance from San Diego, CA. Shipping charges will be calculated and added to each order. This charge will appear on your order form before you make a purchase. Currently our shipments are limited to the United States. BIGHORN FUDGE CO., also known locally as The Fudge Factory, is located in the beautiful village of Borrego Springs, 90 miles east of San Diego, CA, in the heart of the majestic, 600,000 acre Anza Borrego Desert State Park.
 We are very proud to have Our fudge featured in the Spreckels Sweets & Treats Shop at the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, California (www.hoteldel.com)